Salmon & Brown Rice Pokē Bowl

If you haven’t heard of the pokē bowl yet (pronounced poh-keh), you probably will soon. The pokē bowl trend has ben sweeping across the USA and I daresay it would soon hit Malaysian shores where poke bowl shops will be all the rage later this year. What is it though? It’s traditionally a Hawaiian dish … More Salmon & Brown Rice Pokē Bowl

Japanese Curry Chicken

OMG. This is the freaking easiest recipe of all time. I literally did not have to do anything whatsoever but stir and watch the time. Now who said Japanese curry was tough? Did you know that Japanese curry is actually considered ‘fast food’ along with other things like miso soup, ramen, tofu and katsu? I … More Japanese Curry Chicken

Honey Soy Chicken

  It’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe here, I’ve been way too busy with events and other things to even have time for the kitchen these days. However, I am now getting back on track with my ‘packing lunch to work habit’ (it’s a good thing too!) and I need to get … More Honey Soy Chicken

Bacon Egg Cups

  So there was this crazy thing going around on Facebook, via ViralNova about some breakfast cupcakes made of bread, egg and bacon. I showed it to my boyfriend and he was like, “let’s do it!” So we did. INGREDIENTS 6 eggs 6 bread slices 6-12 bacon strips 8 brown mushrooms, chopped Pat of butter Salt … More Bacon Egg Cups